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What’s coming up at the Long Wharf Theatre?? April 23, 2008

Let me tell you!

The Long Wharf Theatre has had some exciting seasons over the past few years…I’ve gotten to experience several plays at this theatre, whether performing with the Quinnipiac Theatre for Community group on Stage II, or watching plays on either Stages I or II.

This season has had a large variety of shows, including Quinnipiac’s own “Medea and Whitewashed” on both the first and second stages… The next play coming to Stage II will be a CLASSIC hit, Rodgers and Hammerstein‘s Carousel”!

I’ve never seen this show before, but I am excited to see what it is like if I get the chance to take a look at it. All I know is that there are a few songs I happen to know from the show from hearing others sing them, such as “If I Loved You”, which coincidentally plays from the clock tower here at Quinnipiac, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which I’ve sang in high school and “Soliloquy”. Other than that, I’ve had no idea what the plot line was or who the characters were.

But now I can tell you!

According to Long Wharf Theatre: “Set in a small New England town in the late 1800s, the story of impulsive, brash carnival barker Billy Bigelow and his bride, mill worker Julie Jordan, spans heaven and earth in its exploration of love, human frailty, and redemption.”

It sounds like it will be an amazing musical to go see! Last year, apparently the same director of this show put on Man of La Mancha” at Long Wharf which I got to see! So I’m very excited about this show.

The show will officially open at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT on May 14, 2008 and will close June 1, 2008.

If you would like to purchase tickets you can call the Box Office at the Long Wharf: (800) 782-8497 or (203) 787-4282.

The group sales number is (203) 787-4284 ext. 259.

The Long Wharf Theatre is a great theater to go to if you want to see a play in the New Haven area but don’t know where to go!

The theater is right off of I-95 too, which is great if you’re coming from somewhere outside the New Haven area.

To end this post:

1) Go see the show! =)

2) Here’s a video of the song “‘You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the movie version:


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