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Time to get a little Philosophical … May 13, 2008

The semester has winded down and my blog posts required for my class have been ceased. However, this does NOT mean that this blog will die, no! I am happy to say that I will be continuing this blog because it truly has opened my eyes to more about the theater world, and I hope it has for all of you. I hope so far from this blog you all appreciate theater a little more.

Now I write that I am going to be philosophical right now, because in a way, I am, but this theory is partially not mine. I owe a lot of this theory to Kelly Morgan, my professor.

In one of our lectures recently in our Theatre History class, we discussed the whole idea of Theatre being truth. Theater is indeed truth. It shows how us as humans truly feel towards others…We have conflicts, and through different obstacles and tactics, we try to hurdle over these obstacles.

Morgan said in this lecture that he doesn’t understand why people “mask” their truths. I frankly don’t understand it either, yet I too am guilty of it myself.

When one masks, one is putting on a facade in a way. They are hiding their real emotions about something or someone. They hide.

We as humans face these conflicts every day. And Morgan sent us out in our theatre history class to observe people who wear these “masks” and to make observations in class about any “unmasking” we may have experienced.

Everyone had a story. Whether it was a roommate issue, revealing to someone how they romantically felt for someone, or revealing something secret to a friend, there were issues all around. When the mask is off, shouldn’t it be easier?

“You don’t hide behind the mask, you don’t decieve them, you don’t put on heirs. You have to be truthful and make them understand. You can’t hide behind the mask,” says Bridgette G., junior media studies major.

Bridgette has a point. If you mask what you really have to say, you get nowhere. I have learned this in several instances.

We all face objectives in life..We all have goals. To achieve these goals, we have to unmask ourselves and be a little vulnerable every once in awhile… If we can’t fail, then how can we succeed?

The point I am trying to get at is that Theater, what you see, read and hear on this blog, takes place in our daily lives. If one can appreciate the obstacles and hardships we face and the successes we face from conquering these hardships, one can learn to appreciate the work that goes behind theater: revealing truth.

Take any happy or sad play and you will find confrontation.. And if there is any masking, there will be times of vulnerability.

Vulnerability is powerful, especially in scenes. I myself have had several monologues performed in front of my acting class where I really had to unmask myself to let the true feelings come out in the monologue…This is what brings strength, power, and the will to succeed and accomplish anything.

A most recent play that uncovers truth that I talked about is “Whitewashed: A Rough Draft” performed and written by Quinnipiac students and even staff. Through this play they reveal the truths one has in their life. This project is continuing forth for the next few years, and I look forward to see what new stories are brought to the table.

I know this post isn’t “news,” but I’m writing it to reveal that what you’re reading in this blog may or may not exist in your own life. And hey, it’s okay to reveal truths… As the saying goes, “the truth shall set you free”!

I heard this great song on the radio today by John Mayer having to do with this topic, and I think you all may enjoy it! Here it is :

And next post, more Theatre news for you all! =)



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