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Disney: Are you going to keep going at it until there’s College Musical?! April 12, 2008


This is starting to bother me.

When High School Musical” came out during my freshman year in college, I was SO excited because as you all can clearly tell, I am a theater person. I was wondering how Disney would take this subject on. Amazingly enough, they pulled off the topics of high school theatre and the DRAMA that revolves in the drama club well.

I have experienced similar events like what happened in High School Musical.” The drama club, I sadly must admit, can be somewhat of a clique. They have their certain “stars” and then there are people that are involved that are “outcasts” and then there are people…Like in this movie…That want to try new things, and want to break out of their shell of things such as playing sports, dance, etc. I’ve seen this first hand, so I must commend them for their efforts.

I think High School Musical” was my favorite one thus far. I’ll admit, I was excited when they were making a “High School Musical 2”.…But it just wasn’t the same. A lot of people singing in the movie sounded extra wonderful (which made me think they were enhanced by the magic of computers)… But the story really wasn’t as good.

Now they’re coming out with “High School Musical 2” as a stage production. They’ve already had a stage production of the first one…Which I actually got to see at my middle school, which actually, went very well. Heck, they’ve even had an Ice Show which very well too.

But a second stage production. NO, NO NO! This movie’s story line is simply too rediculous to be put on stage… It takes place at a country club and some of the songs are by the pool and stuff…Rediculous! I’m starting to think Disney’s efforts are a little superfluous.

Bloggers: What do you think? Is Disney going too far?

So now I have other news…If you didn’t know yet, the full cast is coming back for High School Musical 3: Senior Year.This movie, unlike the others, will be a feature film…in movie theatres. It is slated to arrive in movie theaters this fall.

And NOW…now I find an article on Playbill the other day that says they’re “in the works” with creating a 4th, I repeat 4TH HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

DISNEY…Come on. What’s next, “College Musical”? Let’s be real here…you can only go so far.

They need to start thinking about their demographics, I feel. A LARGE age range watches these movies…goes to the stage shows, etc. Now if they keep going at this rate, they’re obviously going to make an X dollar amount of a TON of money… At this point, they really don’t need to make extra movies. These shows are good as they are… And they’re certainly not going away/fading away any time soon.

If you feel or don’t feel the same…Feel free to comment.

Here are some clips from “High School Musical” and ” High School Musical 2″ !

“High School Musical”:

“High School Musical 2”:


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“Peter Pan” Flying to TV Screens Near You!!!! March 31, 2008


I must say, the most interesting plays and movies have been appearing on Playbill lately.

Today’s find on Playbill is “Peter Pan.”

Remember that play/movie? About a magical boy named Peter Pan who takes three children in England to Never Never Land in his quest to not grow up. It’s a fun show. I remember seeing it way back when I was in elementary school as a stage play. Those were the days. Being young and carefree….you really cannot take that for granted, Bloggers. Childhood is something that comes and goes…And as much as you want to go back to it… Well, there’s no real “time machine” that’s been made just yet. But I feel that’s the message of this play/movie. While you’re growing older, remember the good times of the past and incorporate happiness and feeling “young” into your life everyday…And you’ll feel better…you’ll feel happier. I remember seeing the animated movie too and hearing the song “You Can Fly” and loving it. This show brings back a TON of nostalgia for me, and I’m wondering if it does for you all.

Now, what’s the news about “Peter Pan,” you ask?

Soon there will be a TV movie of the musical.


This show has had it’s full cycle of being a play, an animated film, and a live movie (without the musical aspect)…I guess it going to TV completes this cycle.

 Craig Zadan and Neil Meron have been announced as the producers for the upcoming movie…They’ve also produced award winning movie-musicals such as “Chicago.”

Apparently, according to Playbill, this project to make the show into a TV musical has spanned 15 years thus far…Variety saying it was the television production of “Gypsy”‘s composer Jule Styne who suggested the idea.

To complete the preliminary stages of the project, Zadan and Meron must find a director and of course…a cast.

Once this happens, they hope to start filming by the end of this year!

Bloggers: Do you think you’d watch “Peter Pan” on TV when it comes out? Who do you think will be part of the cast? Make your predictions here!

For now…Here’s a video of one of my favorite songs “You Can Fly!”: 

And!! Here’s “I Won’t Grow Up”:


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